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The Latest Internet Marketing Tips

By using Internet Marketing you can achieve to establish a business with low investment costs. There are plenty of options on how to make money on the internet. Go through our tips and hints on how to establish your own online business.

Creating A Successful Budget

Creating A Successful Budget

Every great financial plan starts with a sound budget. Whatever plan you have, a budget is your first step toward making your financial goal a reality. Well, it's one thing to sit down and decide what you need to budget and another to execute it but most people...

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Personal Empowerment

Due to human nature all of us feel discouraged sometimes. But where to get the motivation and the power to go ahead? The Bible is the ultimate source of power to heal your heart and give you right direction and bless you with a fulfilled life.

Living A Life With Purpose

Looking for Meaning

Everyone wonders at some point why he actually does what he does. Some start to search for more, for the purpose of their existence.

Looking For New Horizons

Find Your Purpose

The answer often finds itself slumbering in the depths of the heart and points to a higher plan.

Businessman cupping a ripe ear of wheat in his hands

Go new Ways

You find fulfillment and power when you realize what your real purpose in life is. This makes you and others happy.

door open to the new world, for environmental concept and idea

The Way To Your Heart’s Transformation

Have you ever felt like

you wanted to escape the empty space that made itself inside of you? But again and again it catches you and gives you a headache, and you long for a fulfilled life … This can finally be the end of your search.

Feeling Desperate

The need of transformation

At you will find advice and support so that your life and your profession can be shaped by love, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Foggy Hills

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For those who want to actively join a living community, our member area is already in the making. This area is still under construction.

Community Learning

Fresh Audio Sermons

Listen to the regular audio sermons of Rev. Geoffrey Matiti from Kenya.

He is lead pastor of the Springs Fellowship Church in Mwingi, Kenya.

We recommend internationally active and Bible-centered Mentors like:

Bobby Schuller

Bobby Schuller

Lead Pastor of the "Hour of Power" television service

As a big fan of Bobby Schuller’s “Hour of Power” services I can only recommend it. In a humble and honest way Bobby Schuller always has the right words to encourage you in your private and also in your business life.

Thomas Sommer, Founder of

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer

Leader of Joyce Meyer Ministries

There is no week passing by that I don’t watch at least one of her TV shows. Joyce Meyer’s teachings have plenty of wisdom and are founded on a deep faith.

Thomas Sommer, Founder of

These mentors have a great message to share and encourage you to focus on a God-centered life.

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