When WordPress came up it was intended to be a blogging software.

Nowadays in many cases it is used for things that it wasn’t intended for. There are all kinds of plugins that are available for WordPress. From real estate listings, over directory listings, to CRM and even ERP. In some cases they are programmed very well, in some cases these plugins can significantly slow down your frontend site speed. Other aspects are security. Most plugins just use the default WP database; if someone hacks into the CMS database and you have also sensitive data stored in it, then you might have a problem.

Or real estate plugins which use the WP post meta table to store all the property details in can also slow down the speed of accessing this table in general. For small real estate sites this won’t be a problem but on very large scale sites this might bring your hosting or your server to its limit.

Also the disability of having changes to the plugins without losing them with the next update is one of the downsides.

My advice is to be careful if you plan to use WP for other purposes than a blog or a content website – which it is perfect for. Consider to ask an expert like a web developer if he recommends WP for the purpose you intend.

If you are looking for a good piece of software I can recommend https://www.codecanyon.net for example. They have got very good scripts for specific purposes.

In fact WP can do a lot; there is no doubt about it. But not in every case it is a good choice.